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Features StreamLabs® Monitor StreamLabs® Control New
  StreamLabs Monitor

Our DIY solution offers all the features you need to catch leaks & monitor your home's water usage.


StreamLabs Control

The Control offers all the features of our Monitor plus advanced water metrics and the ability to remotely shut off your water.


Installation Easy, 5-minute DIY Install
No tools or pipe cutting required
Professional installation recommended
Remote Water Shut-off   Checkmark with automatic monthly valve checks to ensure proper operation
Room Temperature Freeze Alerts Checkmark Checkmark
Water Temperature Freeze Alerts   Checkmark
Pressure Alerts   Checkmark
Humidity Alerts   Checkmark
Integrations Just Ask AlexaWorks with Google AssistantStreamLabs API Just Ask AlexaWorks with Google AssistantStreamLabs API
Free App for Android & iPhone Checkmark Checkmark
24/7 Real-time Whole-house Monitoring Checkmark Checkmark
Live & Historical Water Statistics Checkmark Checkmark
Home & Away Leak Detection Checkmark Checkmark
Smart Alerts® Learning Leak Detection Checkmark Checkmark
Developer API Checkmark Checkmark
Flow Detection 0.25 gpm low-flow detection* 0.1 low-flow detection
Drip Detect®   Checkmark
Warranty 2 year full product warranty 2 year full product warranty
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* Accuracy may depend on pipe age, type, and setup. 0.5 gpm for Copper type L.