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StreamLabs® Monitor

Unseen leaks can become big problems

Now, leak protection is easier than ever. The StreamLabs® water system monitor keeps an eye on what’s happening with the plumbing behind your walls and alerts you in real-time when water problems arise – before they turn into disasters.

  • 24/7 real time whole-house monitoring
  • Smart Alerts learning leak detection
  • Home & Away leak detection modes
  • Ambient temperature sensor with freeze alerts
  • 2 year full product warranty
  • 3 months free StreamPlus Enhanced

Relax, We have you covered

See how a smart water monitor can put you in control

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Advanced Ultrasonic Technology

Monitor. Detect. Alert.

  • Real-Time Insights
    Receive instant notification for abnormal water use - along with comparative and historical water usage data.
  • Enhanced Leak Detection
    Smart Alerts automatically detects your unique, water usage patterns – all without you having to configure a thing.
  • Custom Smart Alerts
    Customize leak detection alerts and adjust sensitivity with home or away modes for manual control.
  • Complete Your Smart Home
    Integrates with Amazon Alexa. API access available upon request.

Streamlabs Monitor

Technical Specifications

App Compatibility: iOS 11 or later, compatible with iPhone or iPad, Android 6 or later, phone or tablet
Accuracy: 0.25 gpm low-flow detection*
Compatible Pipe Sizes: 3/4” CTS, 1" CTS
Compatible Pipe Type: Copper Schedule M & L; PEX; CPVC
Universal Power Supply Input: 100-240VAC Output: 5.9V @ 0.6A UL Listed (included)
Power Supply Length: 10 ft. (additional extension cables available for purchase, 25 & 50 ft.)
Water Temperature: min. 40°F (4.4°C) / max. 80°F (26.6°C)
Operating Pressure: max. 232 psi (16 bar) Limited by Pipe
Ambient Temperature: min. 32°F (0°C) / max. 115°F (46.1°C)
Operating Environment: Indoor use only
Network: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz

* Accuracy may depend on pipe age, type, and setup. 0.5 gpm for Copper type L.

Installation steps

DIY Install in 5 Minutes

No plumbers.
No pipe cutting. No tools.

  • Download app, connect monitor & sync.
    Available on iOS and Android.
  • Install monitor.
    Requires no pipe cutting. Just zip to pipe and plug-in. It detects pipe type and size automatically.
  • Use app to adjust & set alerts.
    Safe and secure 24/7

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